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Thu Mar 16 09:42:22 PST 1995

On Wed, 15 Mar 1995, Patricia Horton wrote:

> >Well, if the Earl Marshal announced that chemicaly powered projectiles 
> >are not allowed in combat, that is his right. In fact, I understood that 
> >is current SCA wide policy.
> It is SCA wide policy. He has a copy of a policy decision by the BoD banning
> this stuff in combat. He also has a copy of Sedelia's ruling on Black Powder
> at events, ask him for the details. This ruling stands until the BoD discusses
> her ruling at a board meeting and rules on her decision.

Is Sedelia our latest SCA President/Senechal/Corporate Director/Chief 
Cook & Bottle Washer? It changes so often I can't keep up.

> >If he was banning them from events, he was spitting into the wind. *HE* 
> >does not have the authority to do so.  Only the kingdom Senechal or the 
> >Crown have the authority to make such a ruling. And I'm not sure about 
> >the Crown (though I WOULD obey them).
> Actually, he has the authority at an event to stop any martial activities
> that do now follow law or corpora or any other decision made by the board
> or his boss, the Corporate Earl Marshall.
[...stuff deleted...]

> Maire

I guess this is a difference in point of view.  I consider guns that we 
are not shooting at one another to be an Arts & Sciences, not a martial 
activity. Much like real swords worn with our costumes, or period carts & 

I could perhaps see the martial angle if we were having compititions with 
them like archery, but as yet they are only being used as a novilty.

Still, you have to make these calls, so your opinion is the one that 


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