Rough Draft Charter #2

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Good Morning,

  I'm sorry this took so long to get out. (I'm sure all of you aren't.
  *grin*) I've had the common springtime cold which put my little brain
  off kilter, so I just finished putting the final touches on it.
  (There still may be typos of course.) I hope that it is more clear on
  some of the fuzzy points and I've added some new information.


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              Welcome to the Ansteorra mailing list.

---   Contents   ---

o Introduction/Charter
o Guidelines for discussions
o How do I join the SCA?
o Pointer to other useful material

---   Introduction/Charter   ---

              Welcome to the Ansteorra mailing list.

  This list is appropriate for all messages concerning the SCA as
pertains to the Kingdom of Ansteorra (in short, the states of Texas
and Oklahoma)  The discussions may include event announcements,
local and kingdom meeting discussions, craft and guild discussions,
as well as all other aspects of the SCA.  The SCA (Society for
Creative Anachronism) is a non-profit, educational organization of
individuals that study the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and recreate
those parts they find most interesting.

This message contains the charter and guidelines for Ansteorra at
These guidelines were developed as a consensus among the members of the
original mailing list.  This charter is able to be changed to compensate
for the changing environment in the SCA as well as the Internet.  Please
honor the desires of that community:  read this message carefully
*before* sending your message to Ansteorra at

---   Guidelines for discussions   ---

The Internet community, especialy the members of the SCA in the Kingdom
of Ansteorra - Texas and Oklahoma, have adopted a number of guidelines
to help keep the Ansteorra mailing list a useful resource.  If you wish
to partake in discussions in this list, please ensure your message
meets the guidelines listed below.  Remember: we, the Texas and
Oklahoma members, are the ones who foot the bill to circulate and
maintain this list.  Please be courteous on the list and use the list
appropriately.  Further, these guidelines will help keep the Ansteorra
mailing list a good resource for the SCA populace of Ansteorra.  Our
goal is to prevent the Ansteorra mailing list from becoming a dumping
ground for inappropriate messages and discussions.

o The period (and place) of interest to the SCA, as defined in Corpora
  and the By-Laws, is Western Europe and cultures that had contact with
  Western Europe before the 17th Century.

o This mailing list is for discussion of the SCA as pertains to the
  Kingdom of Ansteorra.  This includes the states of Texas and
  Oklahoma.  If your message does not pertain to the SCA, then it is
  inappropriate for this list.  Discussion of other Kingdoms in the SCA
  should not be discussed here, except with respect to interkingdom
  anthropology, their possible impact on the Kingdom of Ansteorra or
  with respect to events as discussed below.

o This mailing list is inappropriate to discuss aspects of other groups
  such as High Fantasy Society (HFS), International Fantasy Gaming
  Society (IFGS), Brigadoon and other groups that are fantasy or
  historically related that are not the SCA.  If there is to be a joint
  venture with the SCA, an event announcement that would be of interest
  to the members of the list, or a request for information.  Please
  note, this does not restrict them or anyone else from partaking in
  discussions, just that the material is to be confined to SCA related

o This mailing list is appropriate for the announcement and discussion
  of Baronial, Shire, College, Kingdom, and Knowne World events.  This
  includes asking if other members of the populace are going to be
  attending, able to provide transportation, and for assistance at
  upcoming events such as kitchen help, servers, etc.  Please try to
  keep the discussion of events that will not be attended by the
  populace of this list to a minimum, since apparently it's not
  relevant enough.  Please do not respond publicly on the list to a
  request if it is only appropriate for the original author.

o This mailing list is appropriate for the announcement and discussion
  of Kingdom, Baronial, Shire and College guilds.  This includes the
  discussion of the crafts that the guilds have been formed for, as
  well as any crafts that do not currently have a guild associated with
  them.  The discussion should be kept to these crafts as they pertain
  to the SCA in general.  (ie. A discussion about the sewing of mundane
  clothing is inappropriate.)

o The announcement of mailing lists, ftp sites, gopher sites, web sites,
  etc. of interest to the populace of this list are appropriate for
  posting to this list.  These resources should be useful to members of
  the SCA, and not related to the mundane world.

o Advertisements that are of interest to the members of the SCA are
  allowed.  (ie. Selling period patterns is accepted, but selling
  computer equipment is not.)

o Personal responses to messages should be kept to a minimum on the list.
  By default, the mail will return to the mailing list, so before sending
  the message, try to decide if it is of interest to the entire list.
  If you want a personal response, please include your email address in
  the mesage since some mail gateways will remove this information
  automagickally.  (Despite how against internet "standards" this is.)

Note: These guidelines are only examples and are not all encompassing.
The real judge of if a post is appropriate is if the content of the
message is of interest to the populace of this list as members of the SCA.

---   How do I join the SCA?   ---

The following are good local contacts to get information from:

[ Needed to fill in Kingdom and regional Hospitallers here after
  consulting and getting their approval ]

[ As taken from the FAQ ]

   Find your local group and show up.  To attend an event, you must
wear some attempt at pre-17th century clothing.  If you like it, you
may want to become a registered member, which among other things gets
you newsletters.  The Office of the Registry will provide basic
introductory material, including a copy of your kingdom newsletter, on
request.  They also have packets of material available for teachers.

	The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
	Office of the Registry
	P.O. Box 360743
	Milpitas, CA   95036-0743
	408-263-0641 fax

---   Pointer to other useful material   ---

This mailing list is archived at in the directory
/pub/sca/archives/ansteorra.  There will be a file for each month the
list has been archived.  The archives are in the format of ansteorra.YYMM.

The Ansteorran web page lives at http:/
  [ Editorial note: I've talked to Litch and at some point in the near
    future I'm gonna try to take this over in addition to this list. ]

The Current Middle Ages web page, which has pointers to other useful
SCA information, as well as other Kingdom servers, lives at

The SCA Virtual Library, which includes Arts & Sciences, heraldry,
figthing, persona and other useful information, lives at

For more complete introductions to the SCA, see the recurring postings
"Come on in -- the water's fine" (by Hal Ravn [whheydt at])
and "Life in the Current Middle Ages." (by Arval Benicour
[mittle at]) in the Usenet newsgroup [ ftp site? ]

Other useful material can be found in the the FAQ.  It can
be found online posted monthly.  As well the FAQ can be found via ftp at in the directory /pub/usenet/

The Amtgard mailing list is at amtgard-l at and can be
subscribed to by sending a message to amtgard-l-request at
with the body of "subscribe (email address)".  Note, the quotes should
not be typed.  Warning: there is at least 100 messages posted a day.

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