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Fri Mar 17 08:29:17 PST 1995

On Thu, 16 Mar 1995, I. Marc Carlson wrote:

> Estril,
> 	If your statistics are correct (and I have no difficulty in
> assuming that they are) and a Thistle in Costuming is a "kiss of death"
> for ever receiving a Laurel, one wonders what the protocol would be
> for declining such an award?

I think you are taking this a bit too literally. I doubt the Laurels get 
together and say, "Gee, this person seem qualified, but they have a 
thistle in costuming, so they are out."

I see two reasons for the statistics.  One is that costuming is our most 
common A&S.  Everyone does costuming, even if it is just to pick out wat 
jewelry or weapons to wear with the outfit someone else made for them. 
With so many people doing it there will be a lot of thistles given.

That also means that there will be a lot of folks who are really good at 
it, so to shine above the crowd is much harder in costuming than in areas 
where there is less compitition.

A person's first thistle very often indicates their primary area of A&S 
interest, and so one could expect that to be their main focus in their 
quest for a Laurel.

And now, up on my soapbox.

As a Don I vote on candidates for white scarves and recommend folks for 
Queen's Rapiers. If I believed that someone turned down an award because 
they felt it would hurt their chances at another award I would not 
support them. I suspect many other members of the various polling orders 
feel the same.  We are not looking for people who want a Scarf, Laurel, 
White Belt or Pelecan.  We are looking for people who do the JOB of a 
WSA, KSCA, etc. and WON'T STOP when they get the award and go off 
questing for the next award.

The important thing to remember about these "awards" is that they are 
promotions and like a promotion you might get at work they come with 
additional duties and responsibilities. Sometimes I think it is a shame 
we cannot fire those who fail to perform those duties. I find the cookie 
monsters to be a disgrace.

Savian (climbing down from his soapbox)

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