War of the Roses, take 2

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                             War of the Roses
                            31 March - 2 April
                           Canton of Dun Brodail

         Welcome to England in the Year of Our Lord 1455.  Our good King
         Henry VI has recovered from his bout of madness and is resuming
         his duties as rightful King of England.  The Council of Lords that
         had been convened to govern in his stead is no longer necessary
         and has been dismissed.

         With Henry back in power, Queen Margaret, supporting Lord Beofric
         (who has been recently released from the Tower) currently favors
         the "old court" party.  York (whom some say is the rightful heir to
         the throne) and his supporters, the Earls of Salisbury and
         Warwick, are now excluded from their former offices and fled
         northward, in fear for their lives, to muster men.

         Their apprehensions are now confirmed, for Sommerset (Queen
         Margaret's greatest supporter) has called them to a "great
         council" (which is filled with his cronies) presumably to ask for
         their submission.  York and his allies march forth now in full
         force to encounter the royal party at St. Albans on 22 May 1455.
         Meanwhile, across the border, the Scottish are eyeing this with a
         great deal of interest.

         The Site is the Stones of Raven's Fort, which opens at 12 PM on
         Friday 31 March, and closes at 2 PM on Sunday, 2 April.  Come Join
         us for a Rapier War, as you fight for a Rose, or the Scots.
         Site fee is $5 for adults, and $2.50 for children (with a cost to
         a family not to exceed $15).  Feast is $4, and there is a $3
         surcharge for nonmembers.

         To help each team, there will be 3 categories of A&S for points.
         Brewing, Subtleties, and Static.
         Prizes will be a "looting pile" so bring a prize you would wish to

         For noncombatants, there will be classes and other activities:
              - A regional herald's symposium
              - Sewing with beads and costuming
              - Brewers Dream
              - Bellydancing & Drumming
              - Leather carving
              - and more!


         Autocrat -                    "Feast-crat -"
         Sosha O'Rourke                Jocelyn D'Hillaire
         Sosha Ruark-Cavett            Sigrid Frazier
         11819 Plumb Point Dr.         2121 Tannehill #2144
         Houston TX 77099              Houston TX 77008
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