Pug pug at
Wed Mar 22 05:14:50 PST 1995

> Litch, isn't this a bit of a contradiction?  If the Kingdom Hospitaller 
> has out of date information, then who's updating the info to the Net?

I think the problem here is the information I try to go on as
"authoritative" is the BlackStar. I know as far as our little College
went, the information in the BlackStar didn't represent who was really
doing the jobs. (Yep, includes sending in their reports and all.)

> I sometimes think I should look forward to the day when you hold office
> in the SCA, because I know we'd see a superior standard of service then.

*laugh* Now that is a punishment.

Just btw, I've decided to go with the Kingdom and Regional hospitalors
in the charter, and on the web page I'll try to keep an actual up to
date list.


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