Amtgard Coronation

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Wed Mar 22 15:04:43 PST 1995

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>> She apologized profusely and asked that the message be deleted..

>How about next time engauging her brain before sitting in front of a

>She screwed up TWICE, as the amptgar thing had no place on an SCA list.

>> Thanks, Zahra Zena/ Vicki Self



Please learn some more patience. Admittably, we all have varying 
amounts of patience.  Your holier-than-thou attitude though, is
beginning to use up mine.

The lady who accidently sent the private message to the mail
list apologized. It was a minor and easily made mistake. I expect
that her embarassement was much larger than your inconvenience.
I'm glad that you don't ever make even simple mistakes and that your
brain is always in gear.

It took me the same amount of effort to delete your message as it
did hers. But yours took more time to reply to.

As far as her second "mistake", I don't see that as any kind of
mistake. I enjoyed seeing how things are done differently in a
different organisation. In addition, they are using a site that we
have been using and it is nice to see how they approach the problems
and advantages inherent in that site.

Yes, they bring in some fantasy elements, but it may be that some
of their culture is more authentic (isn't that one of your buttons?)
than our own.  For instance, I would like to see how their system
of duchys differs from ours of baronies and shires. Is one more
English and the other more French? 

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
markh at

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