Wed Mar 22 16:58:48 PST 1995

Hello.  Long time lurker but now I've got questions.  Don't worry my mate
knows I'm using his account.  I found Mikjal's note on tournaments 
fascinating.  I would like more info on the Barber and Barker book - btw.
I like the idea of emphasizing performance rather than winning.  However, 
you listed several different groups who could award prizes. Did you mean
all of those should be present at one tourney, or could just a few of these
be presented at a tourney? I guess a few could, but which ones would you 
suggest?  I also liked the idea of a group simply meeting a challenge they 
had set for themselves, is that a 'period' thing to do?  These questions stem
from a desire to run the most period tournament possible.  I think it would 
be fun to learn more about how they were actually put on and see how close we
could come to 'the truth'.  

I had also wished to make a tourney more period by not having a 'schedule'.  
We really don't follow one anyway and all it really seems to do is give 
everyone a headache if it doesn't run on time.  I thought it might be more 
appropriate for the only 'time piece' to be a bell rung at Matins, Nones, and 
Vespers (no Compline - everyone would kill me).  There would be a list of 
activities for the day, but no real schedule of 'when'.  Everything would be 
run 'at their Majesties pleasure'.  All events would begin with trumpet 
fanfare and heralds announcing that the event was to begin and then give 
everyone 5 min (approx) to gather.  If we have feast it would be when their 
Majesties (or their kids) got hungry.  The only problem is if we were running 
other things like Peer Circles, or Arts and Science competitions.  Well 
actually, the Peer Circles would also be at their Majesties' pleasure and I 
would get rid of Arts and Science Competitions, Displays never, Comps make my
skin crawl.  What do you think?  Any suggestions out there?


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