Amtgard Coronation

Fox Purtill blackfox at
Thu Mar 23 08:47:58 PST 1995

>> as the amptgar thing had no place on an SCA list.
>Actually, it does according to what the users asked for. If they want to
>invite us to an event they can. They shouldn't use the list to plan an
>event though. (Unless it's a co-SCA/Amtgard event.)

 I believe this is the gist of the concept here.  The message as was posted 
was NOT for the SCA invite, but rather as an announcement of a non-SCA 
function.  However, if Ches has stated the SCA is invited to attend the 
Amtgard Coronation, it would have been perfectly acceptable on this list.
 The problem was the presentation of the information.  I believe that 
Amtgard would have no problem with SCA guests attending, but this is not 
what Ches's post said.
 I was going to comment that the post ammended that this was an SCA invite 
would make it valid for this mailing list.

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