Amtgard Coronation

Pug pug at
Thu Mar 23 09:11:08 PST 1995

>  I believe this is the gist of the concept here.  The message as was posted 
> was NOT for the SCA invite, but rather as an announcement of a non-SCA 
> function.  However, if Ches has stated the SCA is invited to attend the 
> Amtgard Coronation, it would have been perfectly acceptable on this list.

This certainly is a valid interpretation. Unfortunately I was tainted by
the fact that Ches sent the email to me first to ask if it would be
appropriate to ask the SCA members to this event. I guess it is
partially my mistake for not metioning something to the affect of that
it was an invite for the SCA.

>  The problem was the presentation of the information.  I believe that 
> Amtgard would have no problem with SCA guests attending, but this is not 
> what Ches's post said.
>  I was going to comment that the post ammended that this was an SCA invite 
> would make it valid for this mailing list.

This is perfectly reasonable to ask for and I will clarify it in the
Charter. *sigh*

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