Thu Mar 23 10:09:13 PST 1995

You have proven in person and on the net that you have no viable 
people skills and preferr just to bash people (especially women).
You obiviously do not know anything about the present Kingdom 
Hospitillar. He is one of the most up to date officers in the Kingdom.

The reason we have lists that are not up to date in any area is that 
locals are not sending in the appropriate updates. That is one of 
their jobs.  The other reason is that other people with information 
are like you and just like to bitch and create more problems.

If you aren't part of the soloution you are part of the problem.
And why you choose to be involved in a Society that prides itself on 
honour and gallantry just to be against the flow, no one I know knows.
Maybe you will enlighten us politely.

Lorraine DeerSlayer
Raven's Fort Ansteorra 

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