Litch & the Hospitaller's office

Pug pug at
Thu Mar 23 11:57:04 PST 1995

> This problem is not always the fault of the Kingdom Hospitaller.  If the
> Kingdom Chronicler fails to update the _Blackstar_, or if the group fails to
> properly select a new officer, and/or then report the contact info for the 
> new officer, the Kingdom Chronicler can't get out the info to the rest of
> us.

This is true. This is why I'm going to go with the key Kingdom/Regional
Hospitalers. This is a smaller number of people, is probably updated by
the Hospitaler and the Chonicler less often, and should be pretty
acurrate. If there is someone who wants to keep an "accurate" list, they
are more than welcome to try.

> Correct me if I'm mistaken here, but are there not about 20 million people
> on the Internet?  Which people will do this updating?

I ain't got a clue here. Having an up to date list on the Web page or in
the Charter could be a real pain. The reason being that not all groups
will be on the net/list, not to mention, who is considered to be
correct? The local group? The Kingdom Hospitaler? Any Joe Blow user who
comes along and claims to have the information? Any Joe Blow user who
claims to be the hospitaler?


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