Litch & the Hospitaller's office

Sheilagh Marie Blaise O'Hare calypso at
Thu Mar 23 12:02:34 PST 1995

> I personally would be willing to contribute to a fund to get Litch to and 
> entered into Crown Tournament.  I'm sure that wisdom such as his would grace 
> the throne nicely.  
> Would you like to see Litch in Crown?  I might actually attend that one.
If he were intersted in the appropriate fighting to win the Crown, I'd
attend and cheer wildly in his favor.  I intend no snideness--I think he
would make a strong king, for he is not a waffeler.  I'm unversed in the
kingship as it pertains to SCA, but he has a wisdom and an honesty (which
may or may not need dimplomatic tempering) that could be put to excellent


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