Mary Temple noxcat at
Thu Mar 23 12:04:18 PST 1995

>You have proven in person and on the net that you have no viable 
>people skills and preferr just to bash people (especially women).

Perhaps he has proven that to YOU. I, on the other hand, have dealt with 
Litch both in person AND on the net and have never been bashed by him. 
(BTW-I am a woman.) He has always been polite, intelligent, and humorous 
when I've interacted with him. 
>And why you choose to be involved in a Society that prides itself on 
>honour and gallantry just to be against the flow, no one I know knows.

What a mean-spirited post. If you honestly believe what you say about Litch, 
then why are you bringing yourself down to his level? (or what you perceive 
as his level?) 

>Maybe you will enlighten us politely.

Why should he? You haven't been very polite.
>Lorraine DeerSlayer
>Raven's Fort Ansteorra 
Catriona Rowley Kerr

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