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R.Michael Litchfield litch at
Thu Mar 23 12:34:13 PST 1995

>>> Litch, isn't this a bit of a contradiction?  If the Kingdom Hospitaller
>>> has out of date information, then who's updating the info to the Net?
>> The people on the net of course.
>Correct me if I'm mistaken here, but are there not about 20 million people
>on the Internet?  Which people will do this updating?

The ones concerned of course. If you look at a list of hostpitallers and
see that the one listed for your area is incorrect then it takes fairly
effort to drop someone a note stating that fact.

>>> I sometimes think I should look forward to the day when you hold office
>>> in the SCA, because I know we'd see a superior standard of service then.
>> Well when i have the time and money to do the job properly I will
>> certainly look forward to having your vocal support.
>I am curious to know what standards would be met to have you identify
>the job as being done "properly".

At a local level;

A) Someone at each SCA event (or other gathering of scaders) constantly
looking for newbies with the standard broadsheet of SCA information stamped
on thier brain as well as contacts for various activities in the local area.
Everyone in the sca should do this to some degree but there should be someone
whos accepts the responsibility to make sure no one falls through the cracks.

b) A decent community chest of loaner garb, armour, books, etc. That is
constantly stocked and BROUGHT to events/gatherings. The hospitaller should
take it as a personal mission to get people to contribute to that chest.

c) A list of mentors be made. Get some people who have a clue who will commit
to introducing newbie around at events/gatherings and explain what is going
on. In some cases it might mean giving ppl rides to events or making sure they
have feast gear, or such.

d) A list of proffesionals. People who will either maker or show the newbe
how to make garb/gear/whateveonce they have the basics of a clue what is
going on (at the point they are no longer newbies but not yet old hands).

As you expand beyond the local level the point is more ensuring that there is
somone doing this for each of the groups. Also someone who will help
balance out he load, help the hospitaller for a smaller shire make
connections to hospitallers at a neighboring barony or whatever to get the
things they might not normally be able to acuire if they are restricted
solely to local resources.

>One of the things they teach economists is the concept of "revealed
>preference"; basically, when people want something badly enough, they
>rearrange their priorities so that they have the time and money.

Well yeah, the question of course is "How badly do you want it?"

About the only thing that would make me radically shift my priorities to make
the expenditure of resources that doing a hospitaller's job properly
would be if I had a SO or several friends loinging the society. In short
if there were something in it for me.

>- Viscount Galen of Bristol
>  "noblesse oblige"


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