Administrative notes...

Pug pug at
Thu Mar 23 14:05:43 PST 1995

Good Morning,

  This is just a message with a few administrative notes.

  I have decided (mostly due to a lack of better judgement) that
  Baronial/Shire/etc discussions are welcome on the list UNTIL such time
  as this list is considered unruly. (That is completely arbitrary, and
  will probably be based on the # of posts a day.) If a Barony/shire/etc
  wants assistance in setting up their own mailing list, I am more than
  willing to do so. I will NOT however run it for them. (Actually there
  is very little to running one after initial setup.) This list will
  also become digested (probably weekly) as of the first of April.
  Instructions on how to get off this list and on the digest form of it
  will be included when the change occurs.

  Second, I'd like to apologize if I have appeared to only be defending
  Litch. My first response to Litch, even on the list, was that this
  message was considered acceptable. I did not however chastise him for
  the flame. Since then I have chastised others for flaming. This is not
  something I should do, but in one of those cases I thought it extreme
  after the recent rounds of discussion. The largest problems has been
  due to volume of flames. Litch posted 1, everyone else followed up to
  it. This makes it very difficult to keep myself even handed simply due
  to volume. To be honest, I don't know how to make it "even" due to
  unevenness of the sides.


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