Thu Mar 23 14:20:19 PST 1995

I have seen many improprieties in the SCA. I have seen the worst side 
of peers and non-peers. I have seen people get awards because of who 
they were sleeping with and people who did'nt because the Crown asked
someone they knew who was against a person, so one who was long 
deserved did not get an award. 

I have tried when I can to right some of these improprieties. I have 
sent in award reports and urged others to do the same.  

I am not a sheltered pearl by any means. I now have had opportunity 
to see these things at a Known World level and still I stay. 

And for the most part you will see me at events talking to and 
encouraging people. I am usually there explaining the SCA to a 
mundane passerby or to a newbie who looked uncomfortable.


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