Highway 6 runs both ways

cmwalden at bga.com cmwalden at bga.com
Thu Mar 23 14:40:25 PST 1995

>I suspect each answer is of course as personal to them as the reason
>someone else likes the SCA. Since you asked, let me talk about mine.
>So what do you do? The SCA is like a former love that you can barely stand
>the sight of sometimes but who you find it nearly impossible to cut
>yourself off from. You try to only play with the parts you like but they
>are all conneted.

Wow!  I agree with much of what you're saying and am going through many of 
the same struggles myself.  My reintroduction to the rapier community after 
taking time off to try a business has been at least disheartening.  People 
coming into it now have such different motivations than I did, and do.  I 
don't know what the answer is either.  I just try to make my own rules, or 
rather revive the ones that I revered, and hope that someone else will join me.

Yours, etc.
or cmwalden at bga.com

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