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Thu Mar 23 16:02:43 PST 1995

>  Second, I'd like to apologize if I have appeared to only be defending
>  Litch. My first response to Litch, even on the list, was that this
>  message was considered acceptable. I did not however chastise him for
>  the flame. Since then I have chastised others for flaming. This is not
>  something I should do, but in one of those cases I thought it extreme
>  after the recent rounds of discussion. The largest problems has been
>  due to volume of flames. Litch posted 1, everyone else followed up to
>  it. This makes it very difficult to keep myself even handed simply due
>  to volume. To be honest, I don't know how to make it "even" due to
>  unevenness of the sides.

Pug, I for one believe you are doing an admirable job in less-than-admirable 
circumstances. I am very favorably impressed with how well you have managed 
to keep your own opinions under control, instead of just jumping into the 
flame wars feet first in defense of a friend. (Not that I would have faulted 
you for doing it if you had. There's nothing wrong with jumping in to help a 
friend when you see a wrong being done to them and when they are 
outnumbered. In fact, it's an admirable trait.)

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