A&S Competitions Was Re: Tournaments

R.Michael Litchfield litch at eden.com
Thu Mar 23 16:07:26 PST 1995

>>and I would get rid of Arts and Science Competitions, Displays never,
>>Comps make my skin crawl.  What do you think?  Any suggestions out
>Other than making your skin crawl, are there other reasons you would
>get rid of A&S?

I think you misunderstood, they did not appear to be advocating getting
rid of A&S, but rather A&S competitions. Something I also wouldn't mind
seeing if not disappear at least diminish.

I would really like to get away from the "competition" mindset. It
only seems to glorify the people who are already skilled or talented
at a particular activity. It does nothing for the people who are learning
or experimenting in a particular direction (except possibly publicly
humiliating them).

One of the major arguments FOR A&S competitions seems to be that it
preseants a venue for the laurels to see ppl's work and become
familier with them. Of course if the laurel would get off thier
high horse and go out an LOOK for people doing such things it wouldn't
be nessecary for the junk to be paraded before them.

Displays are better but are inadequate for a number activities which do
not ammend themselves readily to static displays. They also tend to
favor the flash glam looking stuff that may be as period as my left boot.

How about expecting laurels to go around asking people what they are doing,
asking if they are interested in stuff and generally being active? And not
just the laurels, everyone who does anything. Go around asking people what
they are doing, start off with the expectation that people are doing
things. Make it a personal interaction rather than some competiton with
winers and losers.

>Estrill Swet


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