Litch/Lorraine/Kief/everthing-body else

Thu Mar 23 16:00:33 PST 1995

Greetings are sent to all the good folk out there from Sir Arenvald 
Kief av Kiersted, Baron...mka Lee Cockerham...aka Principal Herald 
etc. (Gods, isn't that impressive!) I've been reading a lot of the 
discussion (at least the past two days) and have a couple of things 
to say. In my personal dealings with Litch (1 time) no one was happy 
with the outcome. I think that Litch has some ideas about reality 
that are skewed at best, but that is just my opinion. However, I've 
also read some of his ideas and feelings concerning the S.C.A. and 
they are very good ones. I also see that Litch has, at times, a very 
dry and even biting sense of humor(?). What does all this mean? Well, 
I would like to see Litch "put his money where his mouth is", in 
other words get more involved in the workings of the Society. Make a 
contribution that is a lasting one. A person that has as many friends 
defend him cannot be "a bad guy". One bit of advice though, (you said 
to me at that one meeting, "...there is no connection between what I 
do on the nets and the S.C.A..", hmmmm) tone down the caustic nature 
of some of your humor/comments some people just don't understand 
and/or easily hurt. I understand, Litch, when you say that its hurts 
to see the politics in the Society, I agree wholeheartedly. I would 
like to see us all work together in the spirit of the game we play. 
Now, if you would, forgive me any harsh words I have spoken to you 
and know that I do wish you well. Just remember that others judge you 
by all the things you do in life, they have done so to me. 

Sir Kief

P.S. Thank you all for your time and consideration in this matter.

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