A&S Competitions

Mary Temple noxcat at eden.com
Thu Mar 23 17:50:26 PST 1995

>Case in point I have a friend who is a high level commercial potter. 
>A few people think she should get a thistle. The problem lies in that 
>she does not bring her pottery into the SCA at all. The thistle is an 
>SCA award for excellence in a field.  Why award it if it is not 
>enriching the SCA?

But what if it were enriching the SCA, but she was not entering it in A&S 
competitions? What if she were making her pottery and using it as feast 
gear? Should she get a thistle then?

A lot of people make a lot of the things they use in the SCA, but just do 
not enter it in any A&S. And a lot of it is exemplary work. Yet they get no 
awards for it. I think that is the point people were trying to make. 

BTW - I agree that your friend should not get a thistle for her work if her 
work is not being brought into the SCA by anyone. If she gives you a piece, 
and you bring it into the SCA, then that would be another discussion.

>Lorraine DeerSlayer

Catriona Rowley Kerr

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