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Thu Mar 23 18:10:27 PST 1995

Hi!!! Glad to have you in kingdom.  After hosting a lot of Easterners
at the Gulf War and talking to people at Pennsic I find you may 
suffer from culture shock.

As for the Baronial Corronets I believe they are so simple because we 
are a western tradition kingdom. This means that we are an offshoot 
from the West through Atenveldt. A lot of our traditions are still 
like those of the West. One in particular is that when we are called 
to court we do not lay down our arms. In fact it is almost an insult 
to do so, it implies that our crown and it's people cannot defend 
themselves and that the crown cannot trust its people.

Here is a list of Awards as well as I can remember them,

Rising Star- has precidence but no rank - given usually to children 
    16 and under for service to a group or the kingdom
Sable Falcon- has precidence but no rank- highly prized award for 
    heavy fighters given by the King for excellence on the field
Queen's Rapier- has precidence but no rank- highly prized award for 
    rapier fighters given by the Queen for excellence on the field
AoA- P & R - given for service to the kindom, usually on a local level
Commet- P&R- AoA level- given for service to a shire
Baronial Service Awards-same a Commet but for a Barony- Name will 
    vary with group- is typically harder to get than a Commet-
Thistle- P&R- AoA level- given for expertise in an Art or Science
Order of the Star of Merrit- GoR- Given for extreme service to the 
Order of the Iris of Merrit- GoR- Given for extreme excellence in an 
    Art or Science or expertise in several and usually for teaching 
    that craft also.
Order of the White Scarf-GoR- Highest award of rapier fighting. 
    Polling order. In our kingdom a lot of people treat this as 
    comparable to becoming a Knight without the Peerage. Not all
    Ansteorrans feel this way including some WSs.
Order of the Centurians of the Sable Star- GoR- Heavy fighting award 
    for ability to train and lead people. Polling order. This is a 
    relatively new award and is in much controversy. But Inman made 
    it and so he set the charter.
Of course the Peerages are the same (except the for the Order of the 
Rose) and are polling orders.  Being a polling order means that the
holders of the award have right of consultation, but the Crown has
absolute right to award.

You will find that the majority of the Peers here are pretty laid 
back. A lot of the non-peers also. We do have our squabbles and 
scrapes,and our factions, but after seeing other kingdoms I can 
really say that we're not that bad.

Lorraine DeerSlayer

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