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Thu Mar 23 19:45:18 PST 1995

<litch at (R.Michael Litchfield)>
>Needing or expecting awards is utterly natural. Any reasonable creature who
>can put two and two together and get some number under ten can plainly tell
>that awards are the main way we recognize people's contribution to the society.

Strange, I wouldn't have necessarily correlated the two.

>Anyone with a hint of a clue and a reasonable degree of self-esteem is
>certainly going to expect recognition for thier efforts, most commonly
>expressed in the form of an award.

If you say so.  I'll have to take your word for it, as I seem to have 
mislaid my copy of Clue...

>There may in fact be such utter paragons of virtue and selflessness that they
>truely don't note such things but I have yet to meet one and would regard such
>a creature as pathalogical and probably unfit for the real world. 

Or at least the version of the Society *you* participate in.

Diarmuit le Sans Clue

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