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Dottie Elliott macdj at
Thu Mar 23 20:55:06 PST 1995

I said:
>>  Never in any of these positions did I consider that I might get an
>>award out of it.
And Micheal replied:
>Yeah right. *snort*
to which I reply:
Goodness, gracious my lord, must you question my words without even knowing
me, yet?  Must you  believe I am untruthful?  Can anyone discuss things on
this list without resorting to inappropriate and unhelpful personal
descriptions and attacks?

>Needing or expecting awards is utterly natural. Any reasonable creature who
>can put two and two together and get some number under ten can plainly tell
>that awards are the main way we recognize people's contribution to the society.
>Anyone with a hint of a clue and a reasonable degree of self-esteem is
>certainly going to expect recognition for thier efforts, most commonly
>expressed in the form of an award. There may in fact be such utter paragons
>of virtue and selflessness that they truely don't note such things but I
>have yet to meet one and would regard such a creature as pathalogical
>and probably unfit for the real world.
I believe most folks might expect a 'reward' more than an award.  The
reward is doing a good job
and helping folks and the society to achieve its best.  Recognition comes
in many forms. It is most wonderful to be recognized before the Kingdom,
yes.  But it can be and is just as satisfying to help a group run smoothly
or to get a gentles device passed.  By the way in case you are worried, I
can add and I do have a healthy self-esteem.  Its just that I do NOT do
things to get an award. Doing a good job IS my reward.

I said:
>>It is sad to find someone who has not received an award that is deserved.
Micheal replied:
>You must be heartbroken on a regular basis.
No not really. I take action and do my best to get the person the award
they deserve.

I said:
>>If you know someone like that, write the King and Queen, their highnesses,
>>your Baron and Baroness and seneschal. Get friends to do so also.
Micheal replied:
>And watch precisely nothing happen, or watch petty politics come into play
>to prevent someone from recieving the recognition that is thier due.
You have me greatly concerned about this Kingdom in which I now live if
this is the case.  Politics are rampant in the East Kingdom (where they are
an art form), yet I have only seen them delay not completely
keep a person from getting a deserved award.

I said:
>>As for folks receiving awards undeservedly, I am appalled that folks spend
>>time discussing whether someone is worthy or not.
Micheal replied:
>Really? How the hell do you decide if someone you know slightly deserves
>your reccomendation? Isn't that the POINT of the various peerage circles?
>How do you compare yourself to other people unless you talk about thier

My good lord, I was referring to discussing reasons X did not deserve the
award AFTER they had received it and spreading rumors for the various
reasons they got said undeserved award.  Of course, before I recommend
them, I consider the reasons why they deserve the award (not the reasons
they do not) and I write them down and send it to the appropriate royalty.
And I do compare my ablilities to others to see how far I have come. I do
not, however, spread rumors about "the only reason they got the award is
because they are 'friends, lovers,<your choice>' and they really
can't/didn't do whatever they got the award for". I hope that others are
courteous enough not to do this also.

Baroness Clarissa

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