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Thu Mar 23 22:05:11 PST 1995

><litch at (R.Michael Litchfield)>
>>Needing or expecting awards is utterly natural. Any reasonable creature who
>>can put two and two together and get some number under ten can plainly tell
>>that awards are the main way we recognize people's contribution to the 

I have to agree with Litch on this one.  People want to know that they have 
done well and are appreciated.  Often, people see awards as that sort of 
recognition.  Look at the defintions of awards:  Sable Comet: awarded for 
service to a shire and Sable Crane: awarded for service to the kingdom.  
When people read these definitions, they naturally (sp?) assume that, if 
they do a go job consitately, they will get an award.  Now someone who runs 
around saying "I'm doing this so I'll get my AoA" is out of line, but 
expecting recognition is natural.


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