Awards and Coronets

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Fri Mar 24 06:40:22 PST 1995

>Ansteorran awards for Service:
>Sable Comet (carries AoA, given for shire service)
>Sable Crane (carries AoA, given for kingdom service)
>Star of Merit (carries grant, given for heroic sacrifice {sawing off
>limbs, donating gallons of blood, etc} on behalf of the kingdom)

Compass Rose (AoA level, given for service to children)
Also, every barony has an armigerous service order such as the Order of the
Dreigau Bryn for Bryn Gwlad

>Ansteorran awards for fighting:
>Heavy weapons-
>Sable falcon (carries prestige but nothing else, given for impressing
>the Crown in some ashion or other on the field of combat)
>Centurion of the Sable Star (a fairly new order which carries, I believe,
>a grant?, aimed at fighters who give their all, but aren't knights)
>Then there are light weapons awards which I'll need some help on:
>Queen's rapier (equivalent of Sable falcon???)
>Order of the White Scarf (carries grant????, title of Don)

Yes, both the Centurion and the White Scarf are grant level awards, and the
Queen's Rapier is non-armigerous but prestigious.

>Ansteorran miscellaneous:
>Rising Star (for children)
>Order of the Motley Sash (for fools, magicians, jugglers, etc.)
>And others which I'm sure I'm forgetng.

King's Gauntlet/Queen's Glove (grace awards given at most twice per reign
at the discretion of their Majesties, AoA level)
Lion of Ansteorra, Defender of the Dream (carries no precedence but is very
much respected in the Kingdom, given only once each reign to the person who
most exemplifies "the Dream" however their Majesties may choose to define

>HL Gunhilda Amberstar
>Shire of Mooneschadowe
>Stillwater, OK

I was interested to note, Gunhilda, that you listed the awards by type. My
first reaction was to list them in order of precedence. I wonder if that's
a result of thinking like a herald.


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