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Fri Mar 24 06:55:42 PST 1995

>I am intriqued by the various awards that give a Grant of
>Arms. In the two kingdoms where I have lived  (Atlantia and East), they did
>not do much with grants.  What does receiving a Grant of Arms allow the
>recipient to do?
>Baroness Clarissa

Basically, a Grant of Arms allows the receipient to designate him/herself
as the Honorable Lord/Lady SoandSo and gives them precedence immediately
behind Court Barons/Baronesses and immediately before the AoA level awards
(of which the grace awards carry the most precedence). The White Scarves
(who are called Don/Don~a) were recently made a polling order. I am not
sure if this is the case for the Centurions -- as Lorraine pointed out, it
is a new order and most of us are still a bit confused about it.


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