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Fri Mar 24 07:07:58 PST 1995

>>I am disturbed by the growing trend to 'need' or 'expect' awards for doing
>>a job or holding an office.  (I have seen and heard this many different
>>places) Awards are wonderful, nice, exciting but not something to expect.
>>Being an officer (running an event, erc) is hard work.  Doing it to get a
>>reward makes it twice as hard I would think. [I'm wonderful &selfless]
>Needing or expecting awards is utterly natural.

I must disagree. An award is not something you should expect. If so,
you are doing it for the wrong reasons. The satisfaction of doing the
job you want/like to do right is all you should need. Having people
recognize you is wonderful, and this is exactly what I thrive on.
(Makes for truly dedicated and convicted sys admins. Or is that should
be convicted? *shrug*) Personally I think that if you desire to get an
award, you need to rethink why you are doing it. (Which I have to do
regularly when the little gread deamon creeps into my head in regards
to getting an award or doing something just to aim towards an award.)

>Any reasonable creature who
>can put two and two together and get some number under ten can plainly tell
>that awards are the main way we recognize people's contribution to the society.

True, that is the way the Society recognizes it. That doesn't mean you
need the offical stamp to get the recognition of the populace and the
people you are doing the work for. Which should be why you are doing it,
not for the Society.

>Anyone with a hint of a clue and a reasonable degree of self-esteem is
>certainly going to expect recognition for thier efforts, most commonly
>expressed in the form of an award.

I don't know if a clue has anything to do with it. Self-esteem and
self-worth are all that are needed to desire to be recognized.
Expectation doesn't seem to be the concept I would use for it though.

>There may in fact be such utter paragons
>of virtue and selflessness that they truely don't note such things but I
>have yet to meet one and would regard such a creature as pathalogical
>and probably unfit for the real world.

You mean I'm unfit for the world. *innocent smile*



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