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Fri Mar 24 07:32:16 PST 1995

> I believe most folks might expect a 'reward' more than an award.

I still think expectation is the wrong concept. If you expect it, you
are doing it for the wrong reasons. The reward/award is just an added
benefit of doing a good job at something you enjoy anyway. (No matter
how sick and demented it might be of a job.)

> The reward is doing a good job
> and helping folks and the society to achieve its best.  Recognition comes
> in many forms. It is most wonderful to be recognized before the Kingdom,
> yes.  But it can be and is just as satisfying to help a group run smoothly
> or to get a gentles device passed.  By the way in case you are worried, I
> can add and I do have a healthy self-esteem.

> Its just that I do NOT do
> things to get an award. Doing a good job IS my reward.

Yea! How do you deal with the greed (for a lack of a better word) and
like that creep in? This is something I would love to learn how to deal
with. I've seen people as of recent be quite flippant about
awards/positions that I think should have more seriousness behind them.
I truly wonder what these peoples motives are if not just a final goal
of getting that award/position. I also wonder why that would help
someone's self-worth.

> >And watch precisely nothing happen, or watch petty politics come into play
> >to prevent someone from recieving the recognition that is thier due.
> You have me greatly concerned about this Kingdom in which I now live if
> this is the case.  Politics are rampant in the East Kingdom (where they are
> an art form), yet I have only seen them delay not completely
> keep a person from getting a deserved award.

Petty politics happen as soon as you get more than 2 people together. It
just seems, IMHO, that the Society has the ugly head revealed more often.


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