Awards and Coronets

Fri Mar 24 07:27:25 PST 1995

The Centurians are a polling order. At 15th year they were created 
and given the right to consult. The WS were then called up and given 
the right to consult.

The controversy about the centurians stems from people's concept of 
them. Inman and the people he consulted wished to fill in that long 
gap toward Knighthood, to keep people interested. Too many long 
striving people had given up on that ellusive white belt and chain 
who were very close. Others see the award as a consulation prize for 
those who will never achieve knighthood. In my opinion it would no 
more be a consolation prize than an Iris or a Star. 

The award that appears to be used as a consolation prize in our 
kingdom is the Court Barony. Barring when it is given upon stepping 
down from a Landed status. It appears to be given when a person has 
given much service and may not be able to achieve Peer status. It is 
also given for a large amount of undifinable service that can't be 
catagorized well enough to give one of the other Grant level awards.

The last paragraph is strictly my opinion
The rest is as close to fact as I can get it. 
Lorraine DeerSlayer

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