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Meadhbhni at aol.com Meadhbhni at aol.com
Fri Mar 24 08:55:09 PST 1995

Michael says:

>One of the major arguments FOR A&S competitions seems to >be that it
>preseants a venue for the laurels to see ppl's work and >become
>familier with them. Of course if the laurel would get off thier
>high horse and go out an LOOK for people doing such things it >wouldn't
>be nessecary for the junk to be paraded before them.

A & S competitions are a necessary evil.  Its very difficult for the Laurels
(as a group or individuals) to visit every shire, canton and barony in this
kingdom.  We can't just depend on word of mouth about people's artistic
talent--one needs to see it!!!  The competitions are a wonderful way to get
the artisans together (not just the laurels).  A perfect system?? Not by a
long shot but its the best we have right now.  And don't but the onus on the
laurels for always searching for new artisans!  If you know of someone that
is a talented artisan---introduce them to other members of the arts
community.  Encourage them to go to A & S competitions and display their
work.  Remember, you don't have to 'compete' at a competition.  Individuals
that just wish to display their work can do so as well.  As for laurels
'looking' for people---its difficult to see everyone.  So if you want us to
get off our high horses and look, how about a little help in pointing us in
the right direction?  


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