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Fox Purtill blackfox at
Fri Mar 24 18:02:37 PST 1995

Unfortunately, my only Caid award that I was presented doesn't seem to 
convert to anything in Ansteorra, which is unfortunate, it's the only thing 
other than an AoA I have.

It's called the Legion of Courtesy, it's a Yellow rose with the blue/white 
ribbon (colors of Caid), given for outstanding Courtesy or Honor shown on or 
off the field.

>>Ansteorran awards for Service:
>>Sable Comet (carries AoA, given for shire service)
>>Sable Crane (carries AoA, given for kingdom service)
>>Star of Merit (carries grant, given for heroic sacrifice {sawing off
>>limbs, donating gallons of blood, etc} on behalf of the kingdom)
>Compass Rose (AoA level, given for service to children)
>Also, every barony has an armigerous service order such as the Order of the
>Dreigau Bryn for Bryn Gwlad
>>Ansteorran awards for fighting:
>>Heavy weapons-
>>Sable falcon (carries prestige but nothing else, given for impressing
>>the Crown in some ashion or other on the field of combat)
>>Centurion of the Sable Star (a fairly new order which carries, I believe,
>>a grant?, aimed at fighters who give their all, but aren't knights)
>>Then there are light weapons awards which I'll need some help on:
>>Queen's rapier (equivalent of Sable falcon???)
>>Order of the White Scarf (carries grant????, title of Don)
>Yes, both the Centurion and the White Scarf are grant level awards, and the
>Queen's Rapier is non-armigerous but prestigious.
>>Ansteorran miscellaneous:
>>Rising Star (for children)
>>Order of the Motley Sash (for fools, magicians, jugglers, etc.)
>>And others which I'm sure I'm forgetng.
>King's Gauntlet/Queen's Glove (grace awards given at most twice per reign
>at the discretion of their Majesties, AoA level)
>Lion of Ansteorra, Defender of the Dream (carries no precedence but is very
>much respected in the Kingdom, given only once each reign to the person who
>most exemplifies "the Dream" however their Majesties may choose to define
>>HL Gunhilda Amberstar
>>Shire of Mooneschadowe
>>Stillwater, OK
>I was interested to note, Gunhilda, that you listed the awards by type. My
>first reaction was to list them in order of precedence. I wonder if that's
>a result of thinking like a herald.
>                                                Gwenllian

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