Honor test (was Awards a

Mark Harris mark_harris at riscgate.sps.mot.com
Mon Mar 27 13:50:42 PST 1995

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My compliments on a most thought provoking message. I
plan to add it to my articles and files. Please consider
polishing it some more into a self-standing article. I'd
love to see such an article in the It Cometh or other
location. (Thinkwell perhaps?).

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad

Date: 3/27/95 1:06 PM
To: Mark Harris
From: ansteorra at eden.com
I have heard the argument that our award system is set up to encourage 
cookie monstering and I have also heard the argument that our fighting 
system encourages cheating or at least questionable behavior.

<snip, snip, snip>

I ask you to think about this next time you are _denied_ an award, or are 
tempted to speak ill of a rival. Remember that we all take the test of 
honor every day we are in the SCA and everyone from the greenest newbie 
to the most grizzled duke-triple peer will watch and judge. Pass THAT 
test and you have truly attained the prize.


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