Litch & the Hospitaller's office

R.Michael Litchfield litch at
Mon Mar 27 15:06:10 PST 1995

>>Needing or expecting awards is utterly natural.
>I must disagree. An award is not something you should expect.

We may be using different value for "expect". An award, in that fantasy world
of "should be," is the visible manifestation of the recognition of your
service and efforts for the society. We all want such recognition, and
if we are truely contributing to the society we deserve it. If you are
still foolish enough to think we like in that fairy land you might still
that people will get what they deserve. To anticipate a just reward.

Of course we actually live in the real world. The world in which awards are
the scoring system for the game of politics. We maintain the hypocrisy
because it too is a part of the game. We make believe we are lords and ladies
of a fair and just place and we make believe that the awards actually have
some relationship to people's contribution.

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