A&S Competitions Was Re: Tournaments

R.Michael Litchfield litch at eden.com
Mon Mar 27 15:41:36 PST 1995

>A & S competitions are a necessary evil.

Are they?

Or is it just simpler, less work to stick to the same old thing, the way we
have "always" done it.

>  Its very difficult for the Laurels
>(as a group or individuals) to visit every shire, canton and barony in this

Really? To my knowledge, every Barony has at least one resident laurel, and
many shires do. Is it really that much trouble for them to poke around, to
find out what people are doing? To correspond with other laurels and
mention the
people in your are who are doing things?

>  We can't just depend on word of mouth about people's artistic
>talent--one needs to see it!!!

When was the last time you saw a laurel actually taking active measure to
investigate people's activities rather than just sitting back and expecitng
it to be brought to them?

>  The competitions are a wonderful way to get
>the artisans together (not just the laurels).

I consider them a hideous way of doing that. You force people to endure a
highly subjective (and frequently politcal) beauty contest. They are
usually judged by people without more than a fragmentary knowledge of your
art. On the rare occasions when you do encounter someone who also practices
something similar to what you do, you are placed in competion with them.
Sharing with them is
not in your interest as it reduces your chance to win the competition.

>  A perfect system?? Not by a long shot but its the best we have right now.

So we should just sit back, shut up and accept it? Does the GOP know you've
stolen thier platform?



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