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Mon Mar 27 17:54:16 PST 1995

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michael says:

Of course we actually live in the real world. The world in which awards are
the scoring system for the game of politics. We maintain the hypocrisy
because it too is a part of the game. We make believe we are lords and ladies
of a fair and just place and we make believe that the awards actually have
some relationship to people's contribution.

Are you really this bitter about the awards system in the Society? 

Yes, I can see where a percentage of awards are given for political reasons
only or that awards may sometimes be delayed or not given because the
recipient has angered someone or is or isn't in some clique. But you seem
to be implying that ALL awards are given by this system or that playing
politics is the ONLY way to get awards. I really believe that the system
usually works the way it ideally should. 

There have been times when I have questioned why an idividual got a
particular award. Many times I find out later that they have done a lot
of work that I have been unaware of.

I am curious though, as to whether you think the system fails all the
time or occasionally. Were you once so idealistic that once you saw
the system fail, you then considered it a total failure? 

Stefan li Rous

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