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Mon Mar 27 16:00:41 PST 1995

On 24 Mar 1995, Aodhan Ite an Fhithich wrote:


> Savian,
> Your initial assumption is in error, and you failed to take into account a
> very important force: drag.
> Firstly, (1) F = M * a -- that is, force = mass x acceleration (not velocity).

Oops.  I stand corrected.

As for the drag of a TM vs a Markland, the shapes are very similar and 
the surfaces are not radically different.  I doubt this is enough of a 
factor to make a major difference given the limited amount of force and 
distance we are using. Still, it would be needed to prove the point to 
the doubting.

I guess my point is that a legal crossbow only throws with 600 inch 
pounds of force _no matter what the missle is made of_. Heavier missles 
go slower, lighter ones go faster. But they both start with the same 
amount of force. 

We also don't seem to be worried about long shots, only shots at very
close range, so this should minimize the effect of drag on the missle. 

So the main factors we have left are the suddenness of the impact and the 
loss of force inthe compression of the tip.  In both these areas the TM 
will hit more solidly. But if the question is just one of having a cushy 
tip we can easily add a bit of foam to the tip of the TM to make it nice 
and comfy.

While David is correct that there are other assorted factors and that the
only way to know is to put in some real numbers (and then test our results
for accuracy), I think we can make a reasonable guess of what the real
impact will be. 

What is really wierd about all this is that I remember several times when 
fighters have complained that they didn't like the archers because they 
could not feel the arrow shots and know when to die.  So now we have a tip 
they can feel and what do we get?


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