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	 Yet another consideration to be viewed when "adapting" SCA
	 heraldry to Amtgard, is that SCA heraldry is based on ENGLISH
	 heraldry (not the only set of rules, nor the only authority).	It
	 is however, the only one whose procedures are documented in
	 English (I'm told that Polish heraldry is quite fascinating, but I
	 cannot read Polish, so I'll have to take other's word for it).

	 The fundamental principles of heraldry are quite similar in all
	 cultures none the less.  The simple common goal (to produce easily
	 recognizable design motifs that can function in an illiterate
	 society) guarantees it.

	 Reduced to first principles, a heraldic device should be a design
	 that can be easily recognized at a reasonable distance.  A good
	 heraldic device should be one which can be unambiguously described
	 using an agreed on heraldic descriptive, so that the design can be
	 described without the need of a drawing.  A great device has an
	 elegant transcendence that incorporates the first two principles
	 with a simple elegance that makes it unforgettable (eg. the Arms of
	 the Barony of Loch Soilleir).
	 Savian's suggestions make *excellent* guidelines.

	 If, after seen your arms once or twice, an acquaintance can drive
	 onto a site, see your banner from a hundred yards away, and say,
	 "Ah, Sir ____ is here!"  You have what you are looking for.

	 But! For God's sake, develop a system of registration before chaos
	 can develop.  If you have to "grandfather" in a few thousand
	 devices that meet no standard, you'll know a rare form of grief.

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