R.Michael Litchfield litch at eden.com
Tue Mar 28 15:58:04 PST 1995

>Here are a few of the NOT HERALDRY things to whatch out for:

What i have problems with in this list are...

>Landscape.  The Sun coming up over the trees with a lake to the left.
>This is art, but not heraldry.

Why is this objectionable?

Is there any real, valid, reason why something should not look like landscape?

>3-D art.  Heraldry is not 3-D. Nuff Said.

Not by a damn sight NEARLY enough said. There are examples in mundane
heraldry of 3D (though they are modern). Th only reasonalbe objection i
have heard to
it is that it is not a period practice.

>Too many "natural" charges. Natural roses, tigers, lions, etc. take away
>from the heraldic look of a device.  There is a heraldic form for these
>items for a reason. Use them and your devices will look more heraldic.

What reason IS there not to use natural charges? because it makes it look too
much like a picture? Why is that so bad.

>Too many charges.
>Keep your charges recognizeable.
>Limit the details.

These three actually are good and useful, but they are also increadibly
subjective. I have heard all three used to shoot down devices for
reasons which have seemed a lot more related to disliking the person than
the device.

Heraldry is not just a method of identifying a shield accross a distance,
for most people in the SCA it is a form of personal iconography.

>Savian, Persivant at Large


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