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Tue Mar 28 18:14:29 PST 1995

Thanks everyone for you words of advise and yes grandfathering is a nightmare beyond 
belief!  I will use all that I have and will occasionally ask several via private 
email for advise.  The main difference between us is that we are allowing new heraldic 
terms to be creatively invented.  We are trying to keep copyright infringments out of 
the picture. But there is still no way to keep anyone anywhere from drawing a war 
banner and displaying it as thier own, passed or not.  I do not even know if there 
ever will be a college of heralds.  It has always been up to the Monarch and Herald to 
approve a device.  Therefore we are not discouraging anyone from trying.  What has 
been used in the past is a combination of Italian and English heraldry rules.  These 
rules have been followed rather well for the last 13 years except for the metal on 
metal rule.  But those are not too difficult to change once they see the vivid 
difference across a field.  

Thank you again for allowing me to bring this to your list!

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