A&S Competitions

Pug pug at arlut.utexas.edu
Wed Mar 29 05:39:03 PST 1995

> >For example, one
> >fix could be to allow for different levels of competitions, eg. 
> >have a beginning level and once an award was given, require them to
> >move to an upper level all the way up to the laurels
> I do know that when individuals register for a competition they are supposed
> to state what level the item they are entering is ---novice, intermediate or
> expert.  maybe it needs to be formalized.  I will ask around and see what the
> other artisans think (laurels included of course!).

I think there is still a problem with this, unless a person entering,
has atleast a minimum requirement for the field they are entering. (Thus
you have to rating of novice, intermediate, expert for each type of arts
& science you enter.) I see no problems with moving yourself up a
category, but entering below your stature shouldn't be allowed.

Of course it's a completely different kettle of fish keeping track of
everyone's ratings. I guess you could only keep track of intermediate
and expert and assume everyone else is a novice until proven otherwise.


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