combat archery

Mordraut Freyulf mordraut at
Wed Mar 29 07:00:05 PST 1995

>>Savian states:
>Lorrian replies:

>Okay, so you are advocating thistle missles for use in heavy weapons 
>combat only???  What about the marshalls???  

I understand that the marshalls cannot watch everywhere at once, but if they
know that combat archery is going to be used in a melee, they should try to
be a little bit more aware. 

>> The solution to the problems you name seems to be to police 
>ourselves better.
>Yes, and the Marshallate as a whole in this Kingdom is continually 
>working on doing just that. Honour though is not enforcable. 

I disagree, Honour can be enforced, at least in this instance.
Authorization to fight is supposed to be given to *safe* fighters, if a
fighter is not being honourable, is that fighter safe??

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