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>Pug States:
>> and I wrote:

> I think that the desire to be King should be the goal of every fighter
> in this Kingdom. (Since that is how King is decided.) I can understand
> that not all of thm will want the recognition, but this is the ability
> to be the best fighter in the Kingdom, not to be the best Knight.

>I did. And even with your post. I feel that even mercenary fighters
>should desire to be King.

Could a person sit the Throne and still consider themself a mercenary??  I
do not think that I could, to sit the Throne is binding yourself to the
Kingdom, as a mercanary I cannot be bound to one. 

>> but I have a question for them:  WHY??
>Because it shows your superiority (sp). (I need to get a dictionary at
>work atleast until I know how to spell every word I use. *grin*)

I do not mean to insult/slander/degrade anyone, but does winning any
Tournament show how skilled you are in melee??  There is a major difference
between being a superior tournament fighter, and being a good melee fighter.
I am not saying that most tourny fighters are not good in melee, as a matter
of fact, I like having a Duke/Count/Knight near me on the battlefield.  I am
saying that just because someone is not a tourny winner does not mean that
they should be discounted on the battle field.

>> I am a  mercenary fighter, my goal is to be recognized as a threat on the
>> field of war.
>You mean being a Count or Duke wouldn't help make you be more recognized
>as a threat? I can't see how it could possibly not help your possition.

Being a Count or a Duke does not make you a threat, it makes you a target.
I prefer to be able to surprise the enemy with me skill at war, and then
have their corpses recognize me later:-)  Being a Count/Duke would probably
not help my possition. 

>> I avoid tournaments as much as possible.
>I can see, as a mercenary, avoiding the run of the mill tourny, but
>winning Crown should only help if you won.

See my above statements about why I disagree.

>> There are lots of
>> fighters who fight for the joy of it, they are not after anything but the
>> respect of their peers.  Why should they want to be King??
>This I concede to you. Fighting for the joy of fighting with nothing but
>the joy of it in your heart would keep you from needing to prove you
>were the best.


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