Round Table Tourney

Vicki Self zarazena at
Thu Mar 30 11:33:21 PST 1995

Unto All,
As I promised to a few friends, here is a short report on the Round Table 
Tourney that transpired at the Shire of the Shadowlands this past 
weekend, 03/24/95 to 03/26/95.

    The site was beautiful, with a small lake next to a fenced in covered 
pavillion(with and enclosed kitchen).  Lots of trees, Swingsets for the 
kids, a little too breezy on Saturday, but still nice.

    The tourney was well run.  It included an A&S competition and 
display, a bardic competition that was judged by the listeners (beaded 
ribbons were handed out at the troll booth to give to someone whose 
performance inspired you), an archery tourny with the bows and arrows 
being provided (you had to use their bows, I think), a dance competition 
that was quite fun to watch, even for those of us who don't dance, rapier 
fighting, chivalric fighting, and a snowball fight (made out of white 

     No one competition overlapped the other, so we didn't have to pick 
which ones we wanted to see/do.  It was great fun.

    Unfortunately, I missed the names all of the winners of the 
individual competitions, but Sir Rhodri was the overall winner (He won 
the chivalric and dance competitions).  Lord Llewelyn and Lord Cristofaro
were second and third, respectively, in points.  It is interesting to 
note here, that while Cristofaro won the rapier list, Llewelyn did not 
win any, but placed well in all.  That is the neat thing about this 
tourney.  Someone could theoretically win the tourney, without being the 
best in any one area.  That being a well-rounded person ( and not a 
specialist)could actually be a good thing.

   It was a small, but wonderful tournament, and I certainly appreciated 
the efforts of the Shadowlands group.  We were very well fed and taken 
care of.    
                             In service to the Society,

                                Lady Zahra Zena

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