Mark Harris mark_harris at riscgate.sps.mot.com
Thu Mar 30 15:17:14 PST 1995

        Reply to:   RE>>Heraldry

>Why? The College of Heralds provides a service. (A useful service in
>my mind) But there is no requirement that it be used. You can display
>whatever arms you wish.

Exactly what I have been advocating for years, ignore the heralds.

Use what you want, find one you can stand (i.e. not so insulting you
feel complelled to strangle them immediately) to give you advice and
suggestions but don't bother going through the expense and trouble of
registering it.

HOLD IT!!!!! This NOT what I was recommending. I simply said they
had no way to force you from using poorly done arms or arms that
interfered with other's enjoyment of our game. I do not recommend
ignoring them. I just said you could if you wished. I think it is
stupid to ignore the collective knowledge of the heralds. Their
advice can be quite useful and their centralized database does help
avoid unintentional conflicts between devices and individuals. It
just cannot prevent intentional conflicts. 

If you design a device that conflicts with my arms, there is little 
I can do to prevent you from displaying it. I don't even know if I
could ask that yours not be displayed in a central area along with
mine, although I would expect mine to have clear proof of precedance
since they are registered and yours wouldn't be.

If someone says anything to you either ignore them or tell them to
sod off.

I think this would depend on who they are and how and what they
said. If they ask if or how you managed to register your device,
then this would a rude answer. The same if they asked about the
device or why you chose such a modern charge.

If they just started berating you for doing such an ugly device 
then yes, ignoring them or telling them you were happy with
what you had and for them to go bother someone else would
be appropriate.

>Stefan li Rous


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