Thu Mar 30 14:59:43 PST 1995

	 The imposition of banishment is always a painful decision for the
	 Crown.  Corpora includes an assortment of safeguards, including
	 that availability of review buy the Corporation.

	 "Level 1 Banishment" is little more than a plea for order. . .

	 Corpora VI.A.1.h.1) [October '89 version] defines Level 1. . .

	 Banishment from the Royal Presence requires the banished person to
	 make every effort to stay away from the issuing royalty. . . .

	 In other words, "Stay outa my face."

	 The Lady banished was indeed His Majesty's ex-wife.  A little
	 imagination will provide all of the understanding necessary to
	 deal with this, and SHOULD be a good point to blow it off, and not
	 embarrass any of the involved parties further.

	 Any additional rumors and misunderstood announcements should/could
	 be cleared up by asking your local seneschal.	Maire keeps them
	 well informed, with facts, not innuendo.  If you want soap opera,
	 try the OJ trial.

	 [langj at]

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