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Date: 3/30/95 5:40 PM
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Greetings Clarissa,

you said:

Sometimes others recognize in us things we cannot see ourselves.  I, too,
felt undeserving when I became a court baroness less than a year ago. I am
still working on ways to live up to this visible display of the respect and
love that my previous shire members feel for me.

This is one of the problems I see with having the artisan specify if they
are a beginner, intermediate or expert or beginner, beginner intermediate,
advanced intermediate or expert etc. If they overestimate themselves are
they then going to be considered pompous? If they underestimate themselves
are they going to be considered cheating? And as somewhat pointed out in 
my first sentence, how do we define the levels? We have enough trouble
maintaining a decent level of blow calibration over areas and kingdoms. That
at least you can feel.

I know it's sometimes discouraging to enter a contest you have no chance
of winning if you are competing against a bunch of Laurels. But perhaps
this gets back to "why are we entering the contest?" in the first place.

Stefan li Rous

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