R.Michael Litchfield litch at eden.com
Thu Mar 30 16:32:18 PST 1995

>>Exactly what I have been advocating for years, ignore the heralds.
>>Use what you want, find one you can stand (i.e. not so insulting you
>>feel complelled to strangle them immediately) to give you advice and
>>suggestions but don't bother going through the expense and trouble of
>>registering it.
>HOLD IT!!!!! This NOT what I was recommending.
> I do not recommend
>ignoring them.

Yeah but exterminating them is so messy.

> I just said you could if you wished. I think it is
>stupid to ignore the collective knowledge of the heralds. Their
>advice can be quite useful and their centralized database does help
>avoid unintentional conflicts between devices and individuals. It
>just cannot prevent intentional conflicts.

I am not nor have I ever been talking about conflicts.

Most people use heraldry for more than simple identification, they use it
as a for of personal Iconography. They usually are attempting to make some
statement about themselves with a device. Not simply saying this is me but
saying this is who I am. Your heraldry does not allow them to do that
or so severely restricts the vocabulary they can use to do that as to make
it moot. For that purpose the rules of heraldry in the SCA bare little if
signifigance. It is a large part of why heralds are so despised in so many
quarters, they are playing a different game, and attempting to enforce thier
rules on everyone.

So I advocate playing an utterly different game. Don't try to run your game
by thier rules, run it according to your rules. If the heralds want to make
SUGGESTIONS for ways of running it such that it doesn't interfere too much
thier game that's fine, but that is all they are, suggestions.

>>If someone says anything to you either ignore them or tell them to
>>sod off.
>I think this would depend on who they are and how and what they

I generally try to give a uniform reaction to people regardless of who they
are but I am an egalitarian at heart.

>Stefan li Rous


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