R.Michael Litchfield litch at
Thu Mar 30 18:13:30 PST 1995

>>WHY can't you tell the "exact reason"
>Not my idea, this is the way the Board of Directors has us handle banishments.

Hmmm according to the copora the restriction is

 The cause of
     the banishment must be explained to the banished person, but must not be
     published in the kingdom newsletter.

Which does not seem to in any way prohibit you from stating publicly in
something other than the kingdom newsletter the reason for the banishment
though I suppose the intent is there.

>My guess, and this is my guess, is they are worried about reprecussions and
>lawsuits coming back if you print or post "so-and-so is guilty of such and
>such" or "so-and-so has done the following", then the burden of proof is on
>us. Gees, paranoia strikes again. Now if someone other than one of the officers
>lets it known what is really going on, it would be hard for me to stop them....
>I am stuck because of my position as Kingdom Seneschal, and in some instances
>I simply do what the Board and at times the Crown tells me to do. Believe me
>this can get real frustrating, there have been times I have strongly disagreed
>with the "gag" orders I get.

I wonder if one could get around possible liabilty by saying that x is
banished because y & z testafied that they saw her [insert heanous crime].
Thus one makes no claims about the banished persons actions and the
liabilty, if any, is on y & z. Kinda leaves them dangling but if the crime
is sufficiently nasty might be

>We have a person who has charges filed against him that involves an
>alleged crime against a child, one incidence of which occured at one of our
>events. We have tried 3 times now to get a level 2 or 3 banishment against
>this person so he can NOT come to one of our events. The board will not
>allow us to do so, because the person has not been found guilty. Technically
>we have no way to stop this person from coming to our events.

But is there anything that prevents you from thowing him out as soon as he
gets there? Can't the autocrat have them thrown out or do they actually have
to do something before they can be tossed?

> I find the
>portion of our "government" that keeps things behind closed doors appalling. I
>feel this keeping information to ourselves game that is played at times is
>probably what got us in the situation we were in last year. But I have my

It always scares me when something is not allowed to be said.



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