Thu Mar 30 18:48:30 PST 1995

Okay Michael of Litchfield what game is it you are playing within the 
SCA. You don't seem to want to play with the established rules. So 
what is your motive.

I was heartened by your reply to my lord about how things were so bad 
for you and could understand your defensiveness and disenchantment.
I have been embittered and disenchanted repeatedly.

You drew out another sucker (me) who like many sees the stupidity and 
strife and then works within the system to try to change them.

A lot of the things the College of Heralds does may seem stupid and 
some of the things that are done are stupid. But each action taken is 
based on comments in our kindom and goes up to Laurel based on those 
comments. The best way to beat that in the system is to work within 
it. The new Herald's handbook should be available from the Kindom 
stock clerk soon. The rules for submission are available from the SCA 
Marketplace for a small fee. Learn the rules study the heraldry of the 
SCA. There are lots of ways to define your persona story on your 
device and still stay within the system. They sure as hell did it in 
period. Send your own analysis of devices and names (you can get the 
kingdom herald's newsletter for $12 @ year from Star), to Peronelle 
to be collated with everyone else's (nasty remarks will be edited).


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